We provide a range of products and services designed to meet
the complex needs of the Fortune 1000 Corporation:

1. Brokerage and Consulting Services
2. Compliance and Audit Services
3. Additional Services

1. Brokerage and Consulting Services
Brokers and consultants who represent Fortune 1000 Corporations must be able to analyze, bid, and install coverage and administrative platforms. At Havens & Company, you will find our approach distinct in three ways:

  • Transparency: Our process is carefully designed to keep the customer informed and at the center of the sale. We do this by providing you with periodic and detailed disclosure and financial exhibits throughout the entire process. These exhibits demonstrate the reasonableness of every single dollar of plan expense as charged by both the carriers and Havens & Company and compare and contrast those charges across all bids and plan design options.
  • Focus: Our approach ensures that the bid process is focused on your needs and not the latest consulting house “flavor of the month” that may spend your money but not solve your problem. We know this business so well that we have the ability to listen to and assess your situation for the purpose of bringing you a perfect solution (and not merely racking up consulting fees).
  • Scope: Our financial expertise goes well beyond that offered by typical brokerage or consulting firms. We immerse ourselves in corporate economic trends generally and understand their relationship to rising benefits costs. We understand all of the nuances of life and disability cost structures and as such you will not find more effective negotiators of benefits costs than you will find at Havens & Company. We are also expert in the funding of disability plans ranging from self insured to fully insured options.

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2. Compliance and Audit Services
Compliance is an important component of every benefit program. Today there is even more focus and attention on compliance issues and the responsibility of the plan administrators.

  • Audit Services: Our experienced practitioners understand the issues raised by the recent investigations and can assist you in auditing your program to review necessary plan components, costs, and potential conflicts of interest and provide critical counsel.
  • Compliance Services: As former legal and compliance practitioners, we understand and have counseled our clients on all of the legal aspects of benefits plans and are available to review your plan for its legal soundness. In addition, Havens & Company will ensure that as a plan fiduciary, you meet the legal requirements under ERISA for assessing and choosing coverage options.

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3. Additional Services 

  • Post-Implementation Services: After implementation, on going plan support and analysis is provided at the discretion of the client.
  • AggregationBeyond our specific expertise, negotiating and often bidding various employee benefit programs, we have pioneered the concept nationally of aggregating the Human Resources spend of multiple employers.  By working with successful vendors, we were then able to create economies of scale for much smaller employers.

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