When our team of experts goes head-to-head with industry experts, we bring incrementally more value. We can provide the metrics to evaluate our effectiveness over the competition.

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Major Toy Retailer 22,000+ STD, LTD, Life, AD&D, and IDI
Natural Gas Distribution 2,500 LTD, Life, and AD&D (all in their captive)
Utility 30,000+ LTD, Life, AD&D, LTC (adding IDI)
Telecommunications Services 300,000+ LTD
Sanitary Paper Products 1,500 STD, LTD, Life, and AD&D
Broadwoven Fabric Mill 800 STD, LTD, Life, and AD&D
Hospital Group 13,100 LTD, Life, AD&D, Dental, and Vision
College/University 4,700 LTD, Life, and AD&D
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing 3,350 STD, FMLA, LTD, Life, AD&D, and GVUL
Hospital Group 7,000 LTD, IDI, Life, and AD&D
Consulting Services 3,500 STD, LTD, Life, and AD&D (adding IDI and FMLA)
Chemical Manufacturer 13,100 LTD, Life, AD&D, and LTC (adding STD and FMLA)

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