Feedback on Havens & Company from a Fortune 5 Client:

I am very pleased with the quality of support we get from the Havens Team. We received excellent feedback recently from our Disability Program Office commenting on the support Havens provided; and, I like to share those comments. Over the past several years, .... has utilized the services of all the national consultant intermediaries as well as several smaller niche firms. The expertise delivered by Havens & Company was at a much higher level ...they are in a completely different league as compared to the others.

Feedback on Havens & Company from a Fortune 5 Client:

The job performed on the Group Life Insurance market analysis was exceptional.

Feedback on Havens & Company from a Long-Time Client:

My impression is that the large consulting houses want to be the broker/consultant for the non-medical plans because they feel that they are low maintenance and easy money. As a result, I expect that their thinking translates into very little time spent on managing these plans – even when these plans demand their attention. 

Obviously, my experience with you is with life, disability, and BTA only; so, I’ll focus on that. 

What you are able to offer is complete attention to these plans, that I’m confident will not happen with the larger consulting houses. Lynne became the expert on our plans right away, and guided us to understand the plans, highlight problem areas, and took the lead to fix the issues. No detail was too minor. She is very careful and determined to get our documents worded exactly as they should be. I guarantee that no other broker/consultant would be bothered to be that thorough. What is also great, which is hard to convey in an RFP response, is that Lynne’s personality and skill with people helps make these task seem to be less tedious. In addition, since Lynne is an attorney, you get a lawyer’s eye and analysis in every situation. I mean that as a compliment. Also, although Lynne does not represent us as our ERISA attorney, we don’t need outside counsel if Lynne has reviewed our plan documents or contracts. 

The various summaries that Lynne takes the time to prepare (e.g., in RFP bidder responses, plan review follow-up, etc.) are clearly time consuming for her, but makes the decision making process so much easier. Her thorough reading of our plans and riders and tenacity in getting them right is extremely helpful. I know that I am in very, very capable hands. Lynne’s tireless follow-up us incomparable. I have dealt with no other service provider that does a better job. 

Your day-to-day management services are also excellent. We are spoiled by Lynne’s knowledge and responsiveness. We can be lazy and not look for answers because we know that Lynne will answer every question quickly. 

Your project management services are excellent too. Outsourcing STD claims adjudication was made easy; and, I’m sure that disability management will be the same. Also, as a company that acquires frequently, Lynne’s assistance with due diligence and acquisition integration are extremely helpful and problem-free. 

I’ve always been thankful that no topic intimidates Lynne. She has helped navigate technical issues with our interface file and has assisted our benefits enrollment work (through Easy Enroll). She will never turn down a request to proof read our internal documents (e.g., our annual benefits handbook, our life/disability summary, etc.). 

Your client advocacy is excellent too. I can always count on Lynne to get what we need or want out of our carriers. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that a request has been denied; and, I know that’s because of Lynne. She’s also not shy about expressing frustration or disappointment with their services. It’s great that Lynne is always on my side. Not all brokers/consultants are like that. In many situations, the largest consulting houses included, I feel as if the consultant is advocating for the other side, instead of supporting my position – even before they have spoken to the other side. 

I think what I described above sets you apart from your competitors. The qualities that Lynne has should be more than enough to help a company make the decision to work with you. 

In addition to your service delivery, another important aspect to what you deliver is your capability to get your client’s very competitive and compelling rates. Your rich industry knowledge, access, and negotiating skills are what deliver great financial results. Your integrity and convincing transparency does not make me ever wonder about whose interests you are promoting. I know that everything you do is completely above board; and, your priority is getting me the best deal. 

I can summarize this into the following bullet points: 

  • Expert, unrelenting attention to all plans
  • Tireless customer service and consistently quick responsiveness 
  • Thorough, highly organized, and obsessively focused on details 
  • Full-service support – from complex project management to fielding plan questions 
  • Tenacious advocacy and highly influential with vendors 
  • Honest, high integrity, ethical 
  • Proven ability to get the best economic results and negotiate great deals 

I appreciate the work you do for us.