Additional Services

Post-Implementation Services

After implementation services include the following at the discretion of the client:

  • Conduct periodic client/vendor meetings to assess/improve vendor performance.
  • Act as client advocate in vendor dispute/issues resolution regarding contract interpretation, claim issues, and performance, including issue escalation as appropriate.
  • Monitor vendor performance in line with Performance Guarantees negotiated during the RFP process and implemented.
  • Periodic (based on plan size) review and analysis plan financial and utilization data.
  • Annual Plan Review and Renewal Planning:
    • Review and update understanding of client’s Benefit Goals and Objectives.
    • Comparative reporting and peer benchmarking reports.
    • Recommend plan design, funding, contribution, and administrative modification in line with updated goals and objectives.
    • Assist in benefit budget analysis and projections.
    • Coordinate preparation of plan renewal information between client and vendor.
    • Assist client in preparation/formatting of census and other renewal data.


Beyond our specific expertise, negotiating and often bidding various employee benefit programs, we have pioneered the concept nationally of aggregating the Human Resources spend of multiple employers.  By working with successful vendors, we were then able to create economies of scale for much smaller employers.

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